The Couture Bow Tie® is Here to Keep You Fresh This Award Season

The Couture Bow Tie® is Here to Keep You Fresh This Award Season

New York, NY – January 16th, 2020. There is arguably no better time to rock this iconic accessory than during the award season; bow ties have become a permanent fixture on the red carpet. ZuZu Kim is a New York-based fashion brand founded by designer Christina Kim, a graduate of the world renowned The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. ZuZu Kim produces The Couture Bow Tie® for people and pets, and is handmade in New York City. They are designed for men, women, children and pets.

Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Larry King, Chanel Iman, Angela Simmons, and have been published in various publications such as Elle, Forbes, AsIf Magazine, USA Today. 

“I’m fascinated with the bow tie – it’s endless possibilities for creativity, and how this singular accessory has evolved over time in its structure, purpose, and meaning. As awareness of the environment and animal welfare has increased, the ZuZu Kim matching bow tie is my attempt to elevate animals with love and respect to the human level.”

It all began with Kim’s designing modern and elegant dresses for her own classical piano performances. This evolved her to creating a brand based on her vision of “orchestral dressing”, and distinctly, the bow ti e – a universal symbol of music, elegance, and uncompromising style.

ZuZu Kim reinterprets the traditional bow tie, with fresh and innovative designs using unexpected luxury fabrications mostly from Europe, uniquely tailored construction, and couture sewing techniques. The extraordinary mixture of colors and materials are akin to the designer’s various cultural influences from her diplomatic background. Many bow ties have a matching set for the wearer and their pet that make a perfect gift for all occasions, and create the most joyful and unforgettable memories. A sustainable “Eco Luxe” bow tie line is to be released later this year. 

What sets ZuZu Kim apart:

ZuZu Kim believes in maximizing creativity and unlimited possibilities with one product. Ultimately, the strong branding and innovations are served as a channel for environmental, technological, and humanitarian contributions. The spirit of ZuZu Kim is Joy, Creativity, and Compassion. Partnership with an animal nonprofit is in progress and it will be announced in 2020. ZuZu Kim will contribute sales and donate bow ties for pets to save animals. 

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