Mike Anthony ( Life at The Hamilton)

Graduate of Wayne State University and holds his Master’s degree in Theater. He uses his acting abilities often during the Christmas Season at the Theatre at Monmouth in Maine. Mike is still the bar manager at Hamilton, though on hiatus due to Covid. He also has another book in the works and a documentary, as well as many other projects on the horizon. Mike currently lives in Milford, CT.

Life at Hamilton details true stories of the interactions between Mike Anthony, the bar manager at Hamilton on Broadway, and the patrons who were witnessing history while seeing this record breaking, life changing show. Sometimes a stranger who’d become a treasured friend, and sometimes…Barack Obama!

 Mike Anthony’s book pulls back the curtain to the blockbuster show Hamilton. In it, he chronicles his touching, and often hilarious, interactions throughout his work day. Mike’s stories let us in on love, loss and finding your own story amongst the sometimes blinding lights and sometimes darkest hours of life.