Econoline Crush

Canadian rock veterans Econoline Crush, helmed by inimitable frontman Trevor Hurst, are back! 

Recording their first full-length album in over a decade, and releasing singles to the world during a global pandemic, nothing will stop Econoline Crush. The rock alumni are ready to hit the stage again with an arsenal of new songs released on indie start-up Amalien Records, and fresh takes on their chart topping hits. 

The sound of Econoline Crush is still there, but it’s shifted in direction with their latest effort. “There’s still the industrial sound,” says Trevor, “but it’s drifted towards more classic elements of rock. I hate that term ‘classic’ rock, but we’re just evolving into a more organic direction. The songs are taking a lead role.” Able to adapt, the band is a full-on rock assault with gritty guitars and crashing percussion, but they can also switch to acoustic, soulful rock in a moment’s notice. Entering a new era of production as well, Econoline Crush takes classic rock, industrial and electronica, and melds it to create something both unique and appealing to their legacy of fans, and new music fans of today.